Enjoy the Enchanted Island as you’ve never done before! Enjoy the hidden beauties with comfort. Delight the wonders and wildlife of the Galapagos Islands and rest in the best places on the Island. And right before you meet the Galapagos, meet the historical wonders of the capital.

8 Days / 7 Nights

Day by Day

Welcome to Quito! America’s largest, best-preserved colonial city. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978, the city is considered the Cultural Capital of South America and it is located on the equator in a valley at the foothills of the Pichincha volcano. (If interested, request day-tour in advance).

We’ll fly to San Cristóbal Island in the morning and transfer to our hotel in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Then, we head to “La Loberia” in the afternoon; it is a home for many sea lions. We’ll see sea lions, and various bird species, such as see red-billed tropicbirds, blue-footed and Nazca boobies, yellow warblers, frigate birds, and Darwin’s finches. You can also spot the endemic marine iguanas there. We will end the day with a snorkeling activity to spot sea lions.

We’ll boat to Kicker Rock, off San Cristóbal’s coast, nicknamed the Sleeping Lion due to its appearance. This lava cone remnant features two 500-ft (150 m) vertical rocks forming a navigable channel for small boats. It’s a natural spectacle with tropical birds, frigate birds, boobies, and vibrant marine life like rainbow fish and hammerhead and white-tip sharks. After exploring the interpretation center and Tijeretas, we’ll return for an Ecuadorian cuisine cooking class.

After breakfast, we’ll fly from San Cristobal to Isabela Island. Explore Cabo Rosa’s stunning lava formations, famed for BBC and National Geographic documentaries. This labyrinth of lava arches hosts crystal-clear waters teeming with sea turtles, eagle rays, sea lions, sharks, and more. Snorkel through “Los Tuneles,” witnessing Galapagos penguins amidst these fascinating rocks for an unparalleled encounter with these beautiful animals.

We’ll set sail from Puerto Villamil Pier to Las Tintoreras, a group of islets teeming with sea lions, turtles, white-tip sharks, and more. Meet 20 minutes before departure to get your snorkeling gear. The 20-minute sail takes us to a snorkeling site where you can spot marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, rays, starfish, and Galapagos penguins. Afterward, we’ll tour the islet before heading back.

In the morning, we’ll fly from Isabela to Baltra Island, followed by a car ride to Santa Cruz’s highlands. Here, iconic giant Galapagos tortoises roam. At a private ranch, enjoy lunch before a tortoise-seeking walk and explore lava tubes formed by solidified lava streams. Visit the Charles Darwin Station and Puerto Ayora, the islands’ most populous town. The evening offers a unique dinner in a natural cave.

You will have two options that will unfold according to availability:

First, there’s Bartolome Island, known for its mesmerizing volcanic landscapes and wildlife. Bartolome offers an otherworldly trek with sea lions, adding excitement. Don’t miss the exceptional snorkeling around Pinnacle Rock, home to parrotfish, marine turtles, and sometimes Galapagos penguins.

The second option is Seymour Island, which is easily accessible. It is a wildlife haven with frigate birds in courtship, blue-footed boobies without nests, black marine iguana nests on sandy shores, and playful young sea lions in the waves. Enjoy the view of Daphne islands, Major and Minor, in the distance.

  • Day 8 Departure – End of Services

Your journey concludes today with international departures. Carry your memories and photos, leaving a piece of your heart in this enchanted land. Remember to take everything before arriving at the airport. And as always, “Buen viaje”.

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  • Kicker Rock
  • San Cristobal Interpretation Center
  • Tijeretas
  • Cabo Rosa
  • Sierra Negra Volcano hike
  • Lava tunnels
  • Bartolome Island (uninhabited island)
  • Giant Tortoises
  • Santa Cruz cloud forest


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