Cuenca – Ecuador

Itza Boutique Hotel

Itza Hotel Boutique Internacional is located in the heart of Cuenca. It was built between 1930 and 1935 by Italian architect Alfonso Durini and it has been restored in its entirety, which has rescued every detail of its memory. 
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Accommodation, lobby, and two gourmet restaurants


Calle Benigno Malo 1095-1015

Cuenca – Ecuador

Privileged Accommodation

A hidden treasure in Cuenca

ITZA Hotel, located between Gran Colombia and Benigno Malo streets in the city of Cuenca, is an emblematic building designed by the Italian architect Alfonso Durini for Mr. Victor Miguel Delgado, pioneer of the hotel industry in the province of Azuay and renowned exporter of toquilla straw hats. 
The construction of the hotel began in 1930 and by the 1950’s it operated under the name of “Hotel Internacional”, one of the most recognized hotels of the time and considered the best hotel in the city.