Hacienda La Danesa

Located in the coastal region of Ecuador right before the marvelous Andes, we pride ourselves in offering a mindful approach to living the good life. “Deep green” with discrete luxury, a subtle traditional aesthetic, privacy, and graciousness, Hacienda La Danesa models hospitality with enduring expressions of land and family that fosters and sustains the Olsen Peet family charming farmhouse.

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4+ Star Hotel

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Accommodation, Spa, Transportation, Restaurant


Hacienda La Danesa is conveniently located 1 hour drive from Guayaquil in the islands of Ecuador between Naranjito and Bucay right before the marvelous Andes. Naranjito – Ecuador

Privileged Accommodation

More than warmth and welcome

Hacienda La Danesa is built upon the possibility of a meaningful exchange between the traveler and the host. We pledge to care for an uncommon set of priorities in order to create a connected, insightful, and transcendent experience to our guests. We believe in our intentions and hope that our exceptional service, environmental practice and our authenticity will create an experience every guest will remember.