Carlota Hotel

Carlota Hotel offers a unique hotel in the heart of Quito. The rich design proposal renovates and restores the charm to a historical building while the interiors greet you with a modern and urban style, where each room has its own personality and style.

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Accommodation, Bistro, Tienda and Lounge, Restaurant


Carlota is a renovated turn-of-the-century building, located in the heart of the historic district in Quito, just a few blocks and walking distance from landmarks and heritage sites.  Quito – Ecuador

Privileged Accommodation

Providing the best experience to our guests

Carlota introduces a new concept for hospitality in Quito, combining a vibrant urban surrounding with a unique and bold design for an authentic experience, created for the new traveler, interested in culture, arts, and modern lifestyle.At CARLOTA we are focused on providing the best experience to our guests, with quality and luxury services and products, integrating sustainable practices, and becoming the first environmentally responsible hotel in the Historic District of Quito. We strive to offer the best not only to our guests but to our team members, staff, and all stakeholders, fostering innovation, growth, and environmental awareness, respecting culture, diversity, and our local community.